Is Simplicity Trading Systems a trading platform?

Nope, Simplicity Trading Systems creates technically driven, algorithmic based trading strategies that are not limited to any one program, platform, or language. All of our programs are flexible and can be built in a variety of languages and APIs, as long as they allow for third party plug-ins. This allows the user to pick the trading platform that best fits their individual needs.



Are Simplicity Trading Systems programs available for purchase?

Yes, we have partnered with MetaStock, the award-winning premier brand in charting and technical analysis to offer Endeavor and Smart Get-Outs. Access to our Discovery program is available through our trade consulting program. For more information on these programs, please contact us here.


Are the programs offered by Simplicity Trading Systems easy to use?

Yes, all the programs we offer are very intuitive. By creating a more structured view of individual securities, we deliver straightforward information in a logical and organized format which gives the user the ability to make the correct decision in any situation by simplifying their analysis.


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